Alex Mauricio

Lead Mentor - Realtor

ADDRESS: 2800 N. Henderson Ave., Suite 102 Dallas, TX 75204

OFFICE: 214.301.1773


Alex, was born and raised on the outskirts of Dallas, Tx. As a kid, he remembers enjoying “going into the city” on weekends and school field trips. Early signs of an interest in real estate was sparked from a young age growing up in the home building industry. His father worked as a sub-contractor for Pulte Group and his Mom worked and still works as a private lender. He spent every summer “on the job” with his Dad observing homes being built from start to finish. Alex’s summer “playground” was an unfinished subdivision and his “toys” consisted of plywood, 2x4’s, insulation, roofing, compressors and home building tools. He’d also tag along every weekend touring homes for sale, with his Mom. His favorite homes to see were and still are homes from the Victorian era!

After high school, he attended the University of North Texas and received a degree in Radio, Television & Film Communications. After graduating, Alex entered the advertising sales industry as the National Sales Assistant for CBS Television Stations. There he familiarized himself with contracts, overcoming objection, building relationships and most importantly…how to sell “the intangible”. 

In 2008, the recession caused mass lay-offs, leaving Alex as one of the many casualties. 

Never one to let anything slow him down, he quickly found himself living in Los Angeles and immersing himself in SoCal culture. In Los Angeles, he worked in multiple industries proving to be a chameleon and a jack of all trades. Alex’s creative skills were utilized as a member of the song production team, The Go Gettas, signed to Riptide Music Group. His vocals, melodies and lyrics have been heard on E!, Oxygen, SpikeTV, VH1 and MTV. He has placed songs with Recording artists overseas in Japan and in The UK. The relationships he made in music have allowed him to work and be seen in music videos featuring Lady Gaga, Adam Lambert, Jojo, MetroStation, Miley Cyrus and the cast of 2009’s “Fame”. 

Alex’s sales abilities were tested and strengthened when he added Property Management to his resume and joined the Apartment Industry. Los Angeles provides a clientele that is ultra high-end, requiring attention and a strong presence. As a leasing professional in the apartment industry, Alex was able to turn the toughest prospect into his best friend. People fell in love with his southern charm, approachable demeanor and the wide scope of knowledge he had to offer. 

7 years after moving to L.A., Alex’s and his wife Amara, moved back to Dallas home. Coincidentally, his wife's family were also making a move from North Carolina to Central Florida. Back in Dallas, Alex immediately acquired his real estate license, increased his knowledge of the DFW market and hit the ground running! Visiting family in Central Florida through the years sparked an immediate love with the State of Florida. Many of his relocation clients, in Texas, have actually moved from Florida. Always one to read 'signs', Alex quickly acquired his real estate license in Florida! He enjoys going back and forth between Dallas and Tampa! His mission is to provide 5 star real estate service to as many folks as possible! Since his introduction to the Real Estate Service Industry, Alex has helped over 100 households and investors lease, buy and sell their homes! Alex brings with him authenticity, a well-rounded knowledge of both the DFW and Tampa Bay markets, a home builders eye, a network of vendors needed in the home sales process, people skills, creative marketing ideas AND…the ability to make you laugh! There’s no reason the home selling or home buying process shouldn’t be fun! You will often hear him saying, "Let's have fun while I help you reach your home goals!"