Selden Tual


ADDRESS: 2800 N. Henderson Ave., Suite 102 Dallas, TX 75204

OFFICE: 214.301.1773


Selden Tual makes one vow to every client: his word is his bond. He is a tireless worker who takes pride in responding, day or night, wherever and whenever he's needed. His persistence and commitment have helped him build a thriving Dallas real estate business that is founded on trust and attention to detail.

One of Selden's strongest traits is his ability to assess and analyze situations in order to develop winning strategies. He is a good listener who constantly strives to learn more about his clients and their desires. He stays abreast of the latest industry trends and isn't afraid to hit the streets and see for himself what's going on in the community. Pick any neighborhood and Selden will likely be able to tell you its property values, nearby amenities, and maybe even the best place to eat. And if by chance he doesn't know, he will get to work and find an answer. 

Those who work with Selden can attest that he doesn't just look for the obvious. He goes above and beyond to find homes that are the perfect fit for the families he serves. His ability to both understand what they want and make their vision a reality has been the key to his success. When challenges arise, he's not afraid to get resourceful and find better ways to get the desired results.

As a young agent just getting started, he made his first sale after spending months earning the trust of a family that wasn't even sure they wanted to sell. Impressed with his patience and work ethic, they soon entrusted him with a second sale and later referred him to a close family member. This was just the first of many relationships Selden cultivated by being reliable, honest, and hard working. 

Selden has consistently been lauded as an agent who doesn't cut corners or tell clients what they want to hear just to hit a target price. Whether staging a home or negotiating a deal, he carefully considers all available information in order to make the best and most informed choice for his clients. He won't over promise but is fiercely driven to get the job done. Those who work with him know that Selden cares about them and is always committed to deliver on every promise he makes. 

I loved working with Selden. He's one of the best in the business and truly a class act.
Brian M - Mortgage Lender